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Back Pain

Back pain isn’t new to me, it’s been something that has plagued me on and off for decades. It tends to show up when I’m feeling the most insecure in my life, usually around money issues, but also to do with my physical security – so also when I am feeling like I have nowhere safe to go and live, such as when I have an insecure place to stay or I am needing to move on to a new place but don’t know where that is yet.

 According to the Compassionate Dragon and Louise Hay, lower back pain represents financial support, emotional support of family and friends, or even support from God or Great Spirit. In Chinese medicine the kidneys are also related to this as they sit near the lower back, and kidney dysfunction can result in fear, fright or phobias.

 So we have fear as the key player in this whole injury. Fear of the future, fear of having something taken from us, fear of being destitute or alone. Again Compassionate Dragon also relates the burden of too much on back injury, as in we are carrying too much for others and we need to lighten the load.

 Louise Hay relates lower back pain to fear of money, lack of financial support.

 So what’s going on here? I injured my back yesterday, my coccyx has been out since the birth of my child, but some osteopathic and remedial massage treatments have pretty much fixed that. Some remedial massage have helped with the lower back pain I’ve had since then too (my son was posterior presentation and it was allllll back pain during labour). It had pretty much disappeared as well, until last night.

 Taking a look at my surroundings right now, I can see where this pain in coming from. Back pain, fear of financial situation, and fear of future. That’s pretty much where I’ve been for a few days. I’ve bought into the mass consciousness of fear going around since the start of 2012, and I’ve also been having a personal dilemma with the mother-in-law who is causing some issues.

 The pain is actually in between my middle and lower back, so it’s interesting to also take a look at middle back pain. Louise Hay states this as guilt, and being stuck in all the stuff “back there”, wanting someone to “get off my back”. This true strikes a cord with the mother-in-law as I am left wondering if there is anything we can do, short of grovelling at her feet, to remedy the situation. She’s not speaking to us, it’s actually been quite peaceful from the usual tirade of criticism, paranoia and general nastiness that goes with someone who is slowly losing their mind to long-term pain killer use for their own chronic pain.

 As we co-own property with her, the latest situation has left me wondering just how we’re going to end up if we’re forced to sell because she wants out, or if we have to put her in a nursing home. I know this is the major problem, so now it’s time to address what I can do to fix it.

 I can’t fix the mother-in-law. Mental illness is mental illness and she’s not likely to change at this point. What I can do is change my attitude toward her episodes and how it affects me. I need to be able to see the illness, not what I think is just a person being nasty, because that is what it is. Stepping back and reminding oneself that what she thinks of us has nothing to do with who we are as individuals, because we can only do our best, and support her as much as she will allow us. If she won’t allow us right now to do that, then we have to step back from that and not take on the guilt.

 I took that on board this morning, and have been resting as much as one can with a 5 month old baby. I have spent a lot of the day giving thanks that I have my partner home with us at the moment to help look after our son being that I can’t lift him due to this back injury, and it won’t be until tomorrow that I get in to the chiropractor.

 I also worked with some Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and have found that has helped loosen up and release some of the stored up issues in my muscle. It’s not fixed yet, but it’s getting there. I will also be working with the following affirmations over the next week to support the assistance I receive tomorrow from the chiropractor.

 Lower back: “I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.”

Middle back: “I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.”

I will continue to support the healing with TRE, stretching, and affirmation once I have seen the chiropractor, and I will also see the osteopath about it when I am down there next as well.

The Knees

The Knee


In the teachings I’ve had concerning the knee, the knee is where we assimilate knowledge/learning from on an energetic/spiritual level. This is why we kneel when receiving most things (or used to) from healing to prayer (asking to receive something) or even when we’re being “knighted” in the old sense, one kneels to receive these accolades. It’s an interesting viewpoint. I remember CH talking about kneeling and the knees (she and I are very similar and had a lot of similar maladies) and saying it was also said that the kneeling position is a very healing one, and there are some out there who theorise that if we just crawl/kneel we can heal most things.



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The Spleen

I just started a class in 5-element QiGong. Tonight was the first night, you can read about this style of qi gong here and here, and see a video of it being performed here. There's a point where you get to when you're bringing in the element of Earth, and you stretch downnnnn to the earth, and I got this stabbing pain in my side. It happens from time to time (usually when I'm in the shower bending over to shave my legs! haha) and I just thought it was like a muscle cramp or something. But something the instructor said tonight caught my attention, she said the earth element brings in chi to benefit the stomach and the spleen. I could actually FEEL my spleen then, and I could see clearly in my mind's eye that it was this organ that has been causing occasional pain for me. I can see how QiGong is going to open a lot of areas in my body for observation, tonight it was definitely the spleen I needed to focus on - I am grateful for this opportunity!

To find out the spleen is possibly trying to get my attention isn't surprising to me. The spleen is actually closely linked to my star sign, and there's been a lot of other things I've read over the years that indicate that I may have a weakness energetically with spleen and need to take care of it - some of the things that have indicated this are a Tibetan Medicine Woman I visited and a friend of mine who is an iridologist.

So I thought I'd look up spleen in my various healing areas, and see what it has to say :D
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Wrist Problems

The whole idea for the community has actually been prompted by this ailment!

For the last few days I've been experiencing weakness and slight pain in my right wrist when applying pressure. Any weight leaned on this wrist makes it feel very sore and almost like it will sprain. This isnt' the first time I've had it, and it usually clears up, I am aware of the amount of time I spend on the computer and so on, so RSI has come to mind occasionally, but it's not ongoing, and I know I'm not feeling 100% lately, I know deep down this is a message for me to look at, like all ailments I undergo.

I'd be interested in hearing anyone's experiences or thoughts on wrist injuries or problems :)

So far this is what I've come up with from the Vital Affirmations website for wrist problems.

Not being flexible on an issue or situation. Not handling things with ease. Stubbornness.

Louise Hay states wrist problems are related to Movement and Ease.

The suggested affirmation is, "I handle all my experiences with wisdom, with love and with ease."

I have to concur a bit with this. The LAST time I had a wrist injury was last Christmas/New Years when I went to Perth to meet my partner's mother, and I spent 2 weeks listening to her put down her son and tell him he's useless and doesn't do anything and so on and so forth. Very distressing. The last few days I've been struggling with food and eating out and self-image. So there has been a lot of conflict (mostly internal) and definitely not flowing with ease.

I am feeling a distinct struggle at the moment, and I'm sure the ailment is related to mostly. The right hand being the hand that I receive from, it's very interesting that it's my right hand wrist which is feeling this way... leading to the idea that I am having trouble receiving things with ease at the moment, that I am being stubborn around how I want to receive certain things (instead of just letting myself receive as it shows up).

Introduction to Community

Welcome to Heal Your Body

I've been a big fan of Louise Hay for over 10 years. I love her teachings that all physically illness has an underlying metaphysical cause related to thought patterns. I thought it would be interesting to start a community (because I couldn't find an existing one) that looks at how we can heal our bodies using positive thought and energy healing. This doesn't have to be specifically Louise Hay style, I'm interested in many forms of healing and new ways of looking at working with this way of healing.

For instance, in the past I have found that Louise's examples of throat ailments don't always fit in with why I've developed a throat infection etc. So I combine a bit of The Listening Hand theory of going within and ASKING your body why it is experiencing this ailment and then really listening to what the underlying issue is.

Hope to see other people around here too! :)