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The Knees

The Knee


In the teachings I’ve had concerning the knee, the knee is where we assimilate knowledge/learning from on an energetic/spiritual level. This is why we kneel when receiving most things (or used to) from healing to prayer (asking to receive something) or even when we’re being “knighted” in the old sense, one kneels to receive these accolades. It’s an interesting viewpoint. I remember CH talking about kneeling and the knees (she and I are very similar and had a lot of similar maladies) and saying it was also said that the kneeling position is a very healing one, and there are some out there who theorise that if we just crawl/kneel we can heal most things.



She often said wasn’t it interesting that a lot of the Buddhist monasteries and temples etc. which people went to for healing were either up on a mountain somewhere or had a lot of steps to climb. Very often a sick person would literally have to CRAWL up the mountain to get to the healer. She believed (as do I) that there was another reason for this. One of my feelings around this was not only did it give the person a chance to get in that “frame of mind” to receive the healing, making them humble and opening them up to the very raw energy of the healing (these days, it’s too easy for us to walk into a healing room and just say “I want to be healed” people had to WORK for it in the old days). I believe in instant healing, but only if the person receiving it believes it with their whole being, otherwise doubt will stop the process. Let’s face it, how many of us have been ingrained with the age old adage of it can’t be that easy. We don’t REALLY believe that we can be healed instantly, and that is why it never happens, the healer can only do so much, you will keep recreating the illness if your head and heart are not in the right place to receive the healing.


So the crawling up the mountain (for lack of a better phrase) literally put us in the frame of mind that we would be healed when we got there. Those who didn’t believe would simply turn around and go home because it was too hard. It also put us in a humble positive and allowed us to put pride aside. If the knees is where we assimilate energy, including healing and the belief of the ability to heal, perhaps half the work was done just by crawling to the healer? It’s all very interesting to theorise about, but I believe there are no accidents when it comes to why we were told to do certain things.


From a Chinese Medicine point of view - In the case of knee difficulties, the knees represent the Kidney (they are associated with this organ, according to Five-Element theory). This symptom or sign on the outside of your body indicates that you have a Kidney function disorder and a Kidney energy deficiency. In other words, with a healthy Kidney you'd never get a knee problem. Source


I found an interesting reference on the internet, it was one of those “question the Dr” websites. A person had been taking Celebrex for their knee pain, but in doing so they were experiencing great pain in their kidneys. Isn’t it interesting when you take into consideration that the Chinese consider the knees and kidneys to be directly related??? The medicine to ”fix” the knee problems instead acted to draw attention to the kidneys, which is what the knee pain was trying to do in the first place… yet instead of considering that perhaps they needed to look at their kidneys, they were right away trying to find another medication to heal the knee pain which didn’t cause pain in the kidneys.


Compassionate Dragon   states:  Knees represent Pride. In spiritual practice it is suggested that one must go down before one can rise up, as Jesus did before John the Baptist, before taking up his own ministry. Pride or Ego keeps us from surrendering to the Will of God or the Universe. In practice, every time we move forward in Life or approach change, we approach the unknown. We may feel vulnerable or unsure. We may stand still, stiff kneed resisting the winds of change. It is interesting to note that stiff, sore knees are a symptom of Kidney deficiency, whose emotion is Fear. Rather than admit our fear, we resist it until it overwhelms us. While knees represent Pride, and it is said that 'Pride goes before the fall', knees can also represent Humility which is the wisdom to be yielding in the face of change.  Briefly, Knee problems may be said to indicate being stuck in the Ego, too proud to bend. Louise Hay also suggests that Knees represent Pride and the Ego.


There is some other fascinating information on knees with regard to physical, emotional and mental blocks at this link also, but the underlying theme seems to be the same.


Knees problems are related to the inability to bend, stubborn ego and pride, fear, inflexibility, and possible kidney issues.


Healing Tips for the Knee

Acupuncture to build Kidney function and stimulate the flow of Qi and blood.

Herbs: The classical herbal formula Xiao Huo Luo Dan is helpful for these types of injuries.

Acupressure: If you experience difficulty in bending your knee, or if walking down stairs hurts, try to massage point Xuehai (Spleen 10), a point on the inside of the lower thigh, above the knee. (To find this spot, place your hand with the palm over the kneecap with the fingers pointing upward toward the thigh; where the thumb naturally rests is the right spot. It is easier to do this on another person to find the correct spot.) Most people with knee injuries tend to have a problem in this area and by massaging it the difficulty is often released. You may feel the tendon to be very tight; by gently massaging it you can release the pain. Also, you can massage the area with some wine, whiskey, or gin, some tiger balm, or even Tabasco sauce. These items help to stimulate the circulation. Usually with these kinds of injuries, drinking some wine can also help the injury.

Affirmation: I am flexible and flowing. Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. I bend and flow with ease, and all is well.


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Jan. 7th, 2012 01:47 pm (UTC)
babies crawling and knees
Hi again, i haven't had any problems with my wrist since we last wrote about them until today when my sons teething screams got the better of me and i got a twinge in my wrist again, i reminded myself that i am doing ok and it let up, pretty amazing. but i thought i'd come back and read some more posts, this one of the knees i had briefly looked at before so i am glad i re read it, i was just thinking about how the experts say that a baby should crawl for as long as possible and that it helps with their emotional stability in later life. I wonder if it is a natural way of preparing the child for everything they will face in later life. I've been diligent with my son that he can have as much floor time as possible and he is just now walking freely at 11 months, but he is so strong :) I love getting down and crawling with him. Think i will do it some more now lol

your posts are really interesting thanks
Titania Martinez
Jan. 19th, 2013 03:12 pm (UTC)
this is really great! thank you! i am only 35 and having so many problems with my knees. I know it is something more than just a physical knee problem. Thank you for the tips and insight. Blessings :)
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